The Augustinian: they accuse a monster to suspect the subject of rape

26 August 2018 05:00.

One subject was about to be lynched by residents when he discovered that he had betrayed two teenage sisters and raped them in a house in El Agustino.

the aggressor who is dedicated to buying second hand items to sell them in La Cachina, photographed and filmed the livestock with his mobile phone. It is about Hipólito Vivanco Fernández (52), who was captured on Thursday at midnight.


The inhabitants accused him of it humiliation of I.A.S (14) and Y.A.S. (16), in the Independent Young People. He was the older brother of both F.M.S., who learned about the actions of his neighbor with whom he even met alcohol.

Out of control he rushed to Vivanco's house and knocked him out. But it was not everything. The neighbors, who knew the terrible fights against the minors, went in search of the wicked and gave him a savage beating.


The indignation grew when he saw that the monster had given his parents pills. victims to let them sleep and abuse them. The neighbors tied their hands and feet to Vivanco Fernandez with the pins of his shoes as they struck him. They also cut his hair.

the outraged villagers wanted to do justice with their own hands, but the situation was controlled by the agents from the San Pedro police station.

Vivanco Fernández was transferred to the San Pedro police station, while the minors were transferred to the Dos de Mayo hospital, whose physicians would have determined they were asleep and outraged.

In the personal record the law enforcement found among his possessions an external memory, a mobile phone with pornographic content in tort of minors.

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