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The House of Congress approved a suspension for 120 days -without pleasure- to Congressman Maritza García. The decision was taken with 80 votes in favor, 9 against and 19 abstentions.

It was also approved to refer the facts to the Commission of constitutional accusations, as proposed by Congressman Letona.

This last decision has been made with 62 votes in favor, 32 against and 13 abstentions.

UPDATE 13:00

The legislator of Fuerza Popular, Úrsula Letona, asked a previous question to include the report pass to the Subcommittee on Constitutional accusations

UPDATE 12:30

In formulating her defense, Maritza García accused the accusation against her of a supposed "conspiracy" behind which "Criminal network" in Piura, where, she said, she investigated cases of corruption.

The parliamentarian, related to the suspended Kenji Fujimori, also supported his exhibition with a photograph in which the parliamentarian of Fuerza Popular is observed, Luz Salgado met with authorities from the University of Piura. However, he did not explain the reasons for this demonstration.

This fact caused the inconvenience of the Fujimorista who pointed out that she had a meeting with several authorities of that region in the aftermath of natural disasters in that area, and he confirmed that the case of his former bankmate has never been discussed.


The plenary session of the Congress this morning debates the final report that recommends to suspend the legislator for 120 days. Maritza García , congressman of the Kenji Fujimori block, por lied to his resume.

The Ethics Commission recommended this sanction in June of this year. The arguments of the working group support that parliamentary he has not been able to prove with convincing evidence that he finished his fifth year in high school.

The report concludes that in 2005 Maritza García had provided incorrect information about her master's studies Criminal law at the National University of Piura (UNP) and fifth year of high school in Colegio San Marcos, in Piura.

Initially the report proposed a suspension of only 90 days, but Congressmen Milagros Salazar (Fuerza Popular) and Mauricio Mulder (Apra) proposed that the suspension is 120 days and was welcomed.

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