The elderly woman is found dead in her house

ERP. She lived alone and nobody saw her dead. An elderly woman was found dead in her house on Tumbes Street in the district of Mancora, in the province of Talara. The remains were taken to the mortuary for the practice of necropsy.

The foul smell that came from the interior of the house warned the neighbors of the area of ​​the old woman's body Felipa Morales García (74), who died about 5 days ago.

Elderly body found dead in MancoraElderly body found dead in Mancora

Janet Shirley Lachapel Morales (43), niece of the occide, was the one who joined the police station of the Mancora district to report the horrible discovery, so that the police personnel and the prosecutor, Alexis Roa Ordinola, went to the police housing where after carrying out the procedure according to the law, with the support of a municipal serenazgo unit.

The National Police of Mancora announced that instead of finding the corpse, no sign was found, nor signs or evidence of a kind of violence, on the contrary they found two leather wallets in the vicinity of the corpse, which contained money in cash, situation that presupposes that his death was natural.

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