The executive has transferred millions of soles for the execution of 77 projects in Madre de Dios politics

The Executive has transferred more than 124 million soles to the local authorities and the regional government for implementing projects with a high social impact Mother of God , confirmed the President of the Republic this afternoon, Martín Vizcarra

"We have seen the progress level of the projects, which have been injected financially by the national government this year, we have transferred 124 million soles to 77 projects of municipalities and the regional government," the president said.

The President also emphatically emphasized that delays would occur in the approval of the constitutional reform projects, which will be submitted to a referendum. The Executive will begin collecting signatures to carry out this process, which the citizen demands.

"We will insist on the referendum and if there are finally discomforts or delays in Congress, although I trust that they will accept the popular will and abide by it, we will do it by collecting signatures," he said. Mother of God.

He also stressed the need to work hand in hand with citizens on political reforms and the justice system, because this is a cry from the people of Peru.

During his intense day of activities in Madre de Dios, President Vizcarra also inspected the works of the project "Improving the drinking water and sanitation service of the Laberinto district" in the city of Puerto Rosario – Tambopata, which will benefit more than 3200 citizens.

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