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The incident that took place on Sunday of the aircraft of the 1323 flight from LC Peru at the Jorge Chávez International Airport caused a series of delays and deviations from aircraft to other terminals.

Apart from the cause of the problem, it appeared that the airport infrastructure still has a long way to go before it can start. And this includes the main airport of the country, whose expansion is not yet a starting date due to a judicial process.

Awaiting delivery
The start of the work is currently planned for this second semester. Despite this, the terminal company, Lima Airport Partners (LAP), still does not receive the remaining country to build the second runway. It is an area of ​​60,178 square meters.

"This delivery can not take place because of a provision of the judiciary, registered in public archives, which prevents the MTC today from selling part of the land , which has a direct impact on the execution of the second job. however, LAP has maintained the constant coordination with the MTC to lift the precautionary measure", Said LAP to Perú21 through a statement.

The above legal procedure is a dispute that the MTC has argued with Valle Skinner Association, which has filed an order against the ministry because the state would have removed the land as their property, without recognizing the Valle Skinner succession as owner. His lawyer, Enrique Ghersi, explains the case.

" The amparo action only says that the men of the MTC must first expropriate. There can be no work on someone else's land if it has not been expropriated before. When the MTC did not agree with the expropriation, an amparo action had to be submitted, which already had a favorable decision at first instance, "Ghersi notes.

It should be noted that the claim of the MTC would be based on the fact that the countries were granted decades ago for the construction of an avenue (today Av. Néstor Gambetta) and this would be supported by Supreme Decree no. 37, published on October 13, 1961. However, there is no public act that supports the country.

Builder who is in charge
Despite the difficulties that the expansion of the terminal still entails, LAP emphasizes that they continue with the processes that enable them to speed up the work once the land is completed. One of the advancements is the choice of the company that will be responsible for the construction of the terminal.

"In the coming weeks, we will complete the selection process according to the schedule," the company said.

The start of work for the expansion of Jorge Chávez International Airport was planned for the second half of this year.

The investment that the works would do would come close to US $ 1,500 million.

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