The judiciary confirms that Benicio Ríos must serve his seven-year sentence

After being hidden for four months, Benicio Rios, congressman of Alliance for Progress, appeared at the seat of Parliament yesterday and offered, as if nothing had happened, a press conference after meeting with the President of the Legislature, Daniel Salaverry.

The legislator of the César Acuña court apologized to his region and his constituents for his situation. Moreover, he added that all this time of Congress and public life was absent because he instituted a cassation against the sentence of seven years in prison for the judiciary for the crime of aggravated collusion.

The Peruvian justice found Ríos guilty of acquiring land with too high prices for municipal use when in 2009 he was mayor of the province of Cusco of Urubamba.

In that sense, the legislator assured that there is no evidence to accuse him, let alone condemn him to prison. Although he claimed at all times that he would get the right, Ríos said that he would wait for the result of the cassation, so that a decision can be made about the lifting of his parliamentary immunity.

He also denied knowing that his salary was being paid, as revealed a few days ago.

judicial precision

In the afternoon, the council of spokesmen of the Congress agreed with the request to the judicial department for a clarification of the punishment of Rios and his parliamentary immunity; However, when consulted on this issue, the head of the Supreme Court, Víctor Prado, said that he was surprised at the request of Congress.

According to Prado, the verdict against the parliamentarian has been ratified twice by the courts and must therefore serve the seven years in prison imposed on him. He also said that the immunity inquiry committee of the judiciary will decide on this matter today.

The anti-corruption prosecutor of Cusco, José Gavancho, also demanded compliance with the sentence against Ríos and declared that there is no immunity that protects Ríos because the complaint and the trial took place when he was not a congressman.

No escape

  • Prosecutor General Gavancho confirmed that it is not up to Congress or any of its committees to comment on the case of Rios because he was not a congressman when these events took place. "Yesterday Congress had to hand Rios over to the police," he said.

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