The man was killed by five bullet wounds at Puente Piedra VIDEO | chalk

A 24-year-old boy died this morning after receiving five gunshot wounds Stone Bridge. According to the victim's family, this man left his home very early and was attacked by mysterious subjects after five blocks of walking.

The subject was identified as Tomás Tarazona Diestra. According to the victim's wife, Caralyn Odar states that he received death threats from messages on his cell phone a few days ago.

"I want them to investigate a certain Yordy, I know they have created a group with their friends and this Yordy is threatening him with death," said the wife of Carlos Tarazona.

While the mother suspects it is an act of revenge of some criminals who robbed their house a month ago and caught a large amount of money. Reason that led Tomás Tarazona to investigate the fact alone.

"I know there are several in the death of my son, he is not just one, I have videos, where they have stolen two thousand 400," the mother said.

Up to now, the family has been waiting for the prosecutor to lift the body.


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