The Peruvian engineer wins a scholarship to study Rocket and Space Science in Russia Trade Technology and science present

Víctor Romero, a young Peruvian graduated from the career of Electronic Engineering, won a scholarship that enables him to take a Masters in Rocket and Space Sciences for 3 years at Samara State Aerospace University in Russia.

The young graduate from the University of Sciences and Humanities (UCH) may travel to Russia thanks to his project on the application of space technology in the solution of an urban development problem Cusco.

His project proposes the use of satellite imagery to record areas where houses can be built and to avoid the risk of natural phenomena, around the future international airport of Chinchero.

Romero also reached the fair thanks to the Organization of the United Nations (VN) who gave him the opportunity to present his research Russia last year, with the support of Image Processing Research Laboratory (INTI-Lab) of the UCH, informed of the Andean agency.

It should be noted that Samara State Aerospace University, which Romero has already attended, is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Russia in the research and training of professionals in aerospace and aeronautical missiles.

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