The replacement of the superior judge arrested for receiving coima Trade politics

The Superior Court of Justice of Lima appointed Rita Meza Walde, head of the 13th Criminal Court of Lima, as a provisional senior judge of the Sixth Criminal Chamber for trials against Lima Free Prison, to replace the magistrate Emilio Gonzáles Chávez, Arrested while paying a bribes.

In this way the aforementioned collegial is completed with its three judges. The presidency of this court is in the hands of Carmen Liliana Arlet Rojjasi Pella. She is accompanied by magistrates Saúl Peña Farfán and Rita Adriana Meza Walde.

In an operation performed by prosecutors and police officers this Monday, the superior judge Emilio Gonzales Chávez was captured in his office in the center of Lima when he was a part of one bribes He had filed a lawsuit before his court.

The amount I received was S / 4 thousand and it was the first part of a total that amounted to S / 30 thousand.

The Public Prosecution Service has confirmed that it will proceed to request preventive detention against this superior judge to be prosecuted for alleged crimes of corruption of officials in the form of passive bribery.

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