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The highest judge Francisco Távara, member of the parliamentary immunity investigation committee of the Supreme Court, informed that they will announce the legal situation of the congressman this Wednesday Benicio Rios Ocsa (Alliance for Progress).

In dialogue with El Comercio, Tavara explained that today the office of the Council of Spokesmen of the Congress of the Republic has been received this afternoon, with the request to make a statement about the aforementioned MEP.

"Just in the afternoon we received the Congressional office to make a statement about the case of the Congressman (Benicio Ríos), we would have liked to receive all the consent of the board of spokespeople, but they only have an office sent, "he said.

He explained that the case can not be seen today, because each of the members of the Immunity Survey Committee must participate in their resolution of other causes at their respective courts.

Shortly before, the president of the judiciary, Víctor Prado Saldarriaga, had announced that "today in the afternoon" a resolution will be issued on the case of Benicio Ríos "so that they will arrest this person and serve the sentence imposed on him. "

Next Tavara, the above committee is composed of the highest judges Inés Tello and Jorge Salas Arenas.

– There was already a statement –

Consulted when it was necessary to lift the "immunity of detention" of the congressman to continue with his arrest, Távara indicated that "it is an unnecessary decision because it had already been established that the parliamentarian has no immunity".

"(The immunity of arrest) would not apply, but it is a subject that I do not want to promote and tomorrow we will meet to evaluate it, because we have to give an answer to Congress," said the Supreme Court.

As you remember, Rios Ocsa was sentenced to seven years in prison in December 2017 by the Fourth Unipersonal Court of Cusco. The verdict was ratified in the second instance.

The supreme magistrate noted that the sentence must be executed because, because immunity does not help him, it implicitly establishes that he also has no immunity from arrest.

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