The version of Uber taxi driver accused of sexual infraction by passenger Trade Lima law enforcement

The taxi driver Gianfranco Huaichao Ronto He gave his version for the National Police about the report on sexual offenses to a passenger who has his service via the Uber application.

In the video shown by ATV +, the subject did not acknowledge that it had violated the girl and assured that he presumably only confined herself to taking her home in Surco.

Huaichao Ronto explained that the passenger needed 10 minutes to board her vehicle because she could not enter the La Molina area where she was. He noticed that the user was in the back and noticed that she was drunk.

The taxi driver said that the girl on the way fell asleep and that she woke her when she arrived at the requested destination: she got out and went to the passenger to ask if they were in her house.

Huaichao said the woman just said, between sobbing, the expression "is fine." He also said that he was showing her his cell phone, so that he could mention his address in case he had not written well when he asked for the service and that, because the girl said nothing, he left.

When he was asked that the passenger revealed that she saw him on top of her and his pants on her knee when he woke up, the man simply said: "I do not share that version".


– The complaint –
The young woman counted in an ATV + program that she asked on Sunday morning to bring a Uber taxi to her home safely, after having left a meeting in La Molina.

The authorities are awaiting the results of the expert reports, both to the woman and to the vehicle where the offense took place. According to the set deadlines, these would be known between 5 and 7 days. The subject is in detention and was made available to the Public Prosecution Service.

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