The votes that call for the resignation of Pedro Chávarry as prosecutor of the nation

After the constitutional complaint against the national prosecutor Pedro Chávarry for alleged integration of the criminal network Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto, there are several political voices asking that he resigns to the Prosecution.

The congressmen of Peruvians for the Kambio Gilbert Violeta and Guido Lombardi agree that it is necessary to resign Chávarry. "Mr. Chávarry should give Congress the order to fire him, and fujimorismo would save him the painful task of protecting him," he wrote. violet in your Twitter account.

The legislators not grouped Alberto De Belaunde and Gino Costa They manifested themselves in the same sentence. "A person who is committed to the research carried out by the same research can not continue to become the head of the public prosecutor's office," he said. coast.

Also the leader of the political group Nuevo Peru, Veronika Mendoza considered that the permanence of the prosecutor of the nation in function & # 39; untenable & # 39; is. Through his account on Twitter he also requested that the council of attorneys meet in an emergency to "make room for his own renewal".

Even the civil association transparency He asked for immediate resignation from the Attorney General. The chairman of this institution, Allan Wagner, stated RPP News that it is urgent that Chávarry resign "immediately" while clarifying his participation in the organization investigated by prosecutor Castro for the alleged crimes of influence, peddling and passive bribery.

In turn, the Legal Defense Institute (IDL) He confirmed that the sustainability of Chavarry and the other public prosecutors involved violates the autonomy of the Public Prosecution Service, its role as a defender of legality and the guarantee of the appearance of independence in the function and profile of the public prosecutor. .

On the other bank

Through your Twitter account, Chávarry He refused to be named as a suspected member of Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto. and demanded that he specify what actions he would have taken to benefit them.

"I know some of them, I never denied it, if they wanted me to favor them, they were wrong, I will be unrelenting in the investigation," announced the National Prosecution.

On the other hand Popular Force will wait for evidence to pronounce on the case of Chávarry, said the orange legislator Milagros Salazar.

Before the tax report was public, the leader of the caucus of the Congress, Keiko Fujimori, was in favor of Chávarry who heads the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The latest Gfk survey showed that only 8% of Peruvians are in favor of Chávarry as head of the Public Prosecution Service. According to the survey, 50% believe the public prosecutor has to resign "because he has a relationship with people who are dealing with corruption."

They collect signatures

A Peruvian citizen has started a campaign to collect signatures via the page to demand the removal of the National Prosecutor from Congress.

"Peruvians are furious about the wave of corruption in our country, and we want our institutions to be run by pro-people," says the petition that already has more than 4,300 signatures out of 5,000 who want to reach it.

The former ministers are among the signatories Carlos Basombrío and Pedro Cateriano, who announced via his Twitter account that he had joined the request. "The public prosecutor of the nation can not remain in office, it is a threat to the democratic system," he wrote.

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