The White Collars of the Port: Judicial Branch discusses preventive detention tomorrow Trade politics

The judicial hearings in which the appeal of 12 suspected members of the criminal organization Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto, to which they received 36 months of preventive detention on 19 August, will be reviewed.

De Commerce agreed with the resolution of the National Court of Justice specializing in crimes of corruption of office bearers in which it was determined that the first day this Sunday will take place in the Carlos Zavala Loayza building, seat of the legal branch, since 10 am

The document indicates that the session will be conducted via videoconference in connection with the penitentiary centers of Ancon I, Chorrillos I and Miguel Castro Castro, where the investigations investigated by the Prosecution are currently being held.

The day will be continued on Monday 27 from 10.00. in the castro prison of Castro Castro, "the procedural issues have to agree", and end on Tuesday 28 of 15:00. in the Carlos Zavala Loayza building the videoconferencing system must again be used.

This was requested to inform the directors of the Chorrillos I Prisons, where Verónika Rojas Aguire is being held; Ancon I, where Gianfranco Paredes, Fernando Seminario Arteta, José Luis Cavassa Roncalla and Carlos Parra Pineda are.

Similarly, the Castro Castro prison director, John Robert Misha Mansilla, Jacinto Salinas Bedon, Victor Maximiliano Leon, Juan Eguez Beltrán, Antonio Camayo, Nelson Aparicio Beyzaga and Mario Mendoza Díaz, will also perform.

It should be noted that Judge Manuel Chuyo, of the third preparatory investigation committee of the specialized corruption system, has pronounced 36 months of preventive detention against those who were investigated in response to a request from the prosecution.

As he argued during his argument, the presence of serious elements of the condemnation of the accused's allegiance with the alleged criminal organization that affects the former head of the Callao Walter Rios court and the alleged commission of the crimes would be peddling and bribing verified.

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