The white necks of the port: they admit that they are appealing against a preventive prison politics

The National Criminal Chamber of the SEDCF admitted that the appeals had been filed against the resolution in which the request of the Public Prosecutor for preventive detention to the members of the criminal organization of the Callao, known as' Los collos blancos del puerto & # 39;

According to the statement of the Criminal Chamber, responsible for the superior judges Castañeda Otsu, Guillermo Piscoya and Burga Zamora, the audience sessions are planned for this Sunday, August 26 and Monday, August 27 at 10 am & # 39; and Tuesday, the 28th at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

YOU CAN SEE The Attorney General's Office requested waiver of the banking secrecy of Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto & # 39;

The judiciary decided to dictate 36 months of preventive jail against thirteen members of Los Colllos blancos del puerto & # 39 ;, who, as leader, would have had the former president of the Callao court. Walter Ríos.

The decision was taken by Judge Manuel Chuyo, from the third preparatory inquiry committee of the specialized corruption system, following the request of the Prosecution.

These are the 13 members of Los collos blancos del puerto & # 39; which are investigated:

– Mario Mendoza Ríos
– Edwin Antonio Camayo Valverde
– José Luis Cavassa Roncalla & Pepe Lucho & # 39;
– Gianfranco Paredes Sánchez
– Jhon Robert Misha Mansilla
– Jacinto César Salinas Bedón
– Víctor León Montenegro
– Juan Antonio Eguez Beltrán
– Fernando Arteta Seminary
– Verónica Rojas Aguirre
– Nelson Aparicio Beizaga
– Carlos Antonio Parra Pineda
– Marcelino Meneses Huayra

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