The white necks of the port: they ask preventive prison for the members politically

This afternoon the alleged members of the criminal organization know Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto & # 39; what their future will be. The third third preparatory research seminar of the Specialized System in Corruption led by Judge Manuel Chuyo, will sit for the fourth time in succession to determine whether they will receive preventive detention for the 13 people involved for 36 months.

From 5:00 pm The hearing begins. All those involved are given the use of the word and the relevant decision is then issued. Among the suspects, the presence of the automobile entrepreneur, owner of Iza Motors, Antonio Camayo, emphasizes.

CAN SEE Corruption in Callao: judges committed to "Audios CNM" have not yet been removed

On the third day The public prosecution and defense of the suspects were responsible for granting their respective discharges. The Public Prosecutor against organized crime of Callao, Rocío Sánchez Saavedra, was the one who asked the 36 months of preventive detention to the 13 suspected members of this criminal gang.

The measure is requested for Antonio Camayo, Gianfranco Paredes Sánchez, John Misha Mansilla, Jacinto Salinas Bedón, Víctor León Montenegro, Juan Eguez Beltrán, Marcelino Meneses Huayra, Fernando Arteta Seminary, Verónica Rojas Aguirre, Mario Américo Mendoza Ríos, José Luis Cavassa Roncalla, Carlos Parra Pineda and Nelson Aparicio Beizaga.

Among the crimes attributed to them are organized crime, influence, own passive bribery and others at the expense of the Peruvian state, according to the tax investigation.

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