They ask for a candidate for the regional government of Puno Alexander Flores Trade Peru Puno

The judiciary requested the capture of the candidate from the regional government Puno, Alexander Flores Pariwhile being prosecuted for the crime of environmental and landscape change by being involved in illegal mining operations in the Ananea district, San Antonio de Putina province, in the Puno region.

The judicial notification communicated to the parties concerned refers to the arrest warrants issued in accordance with Resolution 116-2018 issued by the First Unipersonal Court, located in the province of Huancané. In addition to Pari Flowers, César Chambi Masco is also included in the process.

According to reports from the Public Prosecution Service, the trial was appealed by the specialized prosecutor for the environment, after a court in the province of Moho had acquitted them of the accusations.

Alexander Flores and César Chambi were tried for the crime of disturbing the environment and landscape to the detriment of the Peruvian state, along with former Congressman Francisco Ccama Layme and Regional Councilor Merce Quispe Masco.

They were all sentenced to two and a half years in prison and the payment of civil compensation in 2016. The following year the judgment against Ccama Layme and Quispe Masco was ratified in the Superior Court of Appeals of Juliaca.

Instead, after the same profession, Pari Flowers and Chambi Masco, they managed to retaliate their cases and were acquitted in that process, which was filed by the environmental prosecutor.

"The reasons why Flores and Chambi were acquitted are not understood, while Ccama and Quispe were convicted and their judgments were ratified, bearing in mind that they were all being prosecuted with the same evidence presented by the prosecutor," he said. The trade a spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service.

This magazine tried to communicate with the candidate Pari Flowers, which leads the regional political group Poder Andino, but was not possible because it is in a political campaign in the interior of the region.

This is the second election process in which Pari Flowers appoint the regional government of Puno. In 2014 he came in second place and was defeated by the current regional governor, Juan Luque. According to various local election analysts, Pari Flowers is in second place for preferences, after Walter Aduviri.

The latter also has an arrest warrant for having a sentence of eight years for the events in the "aimarazo", where looted and burned belongings of public authorities such as the Comptroller, Sunat, the customs, regional government, under others.

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