They dictate 9 months of preventive jail for judge in case of coim Trade politics

The Supreme Court of the preliminary investigation, in charge of the Judge Héctor Núñez Julca, welcomed the Supreme Office's mission in the controversial administration and ordered 9 months of preventive jail for the Supreme Court Emilio Gonzales Chávez. As you recall, he was arrested in flagrant delicto on the last Monday when he received the payment of an alleged bribes of a litigation.

The District Court has also determined, as reported by the judiciary, that the above-mentioned magistrate will be suspended for a period of five years in the performance of their duties.

The hearing on this case took place this morning in the hearing chamber of the permanent criminal court of the Supreme Court.

Gonzales Chávez, who was president of the Sixth Criminal Chamber of Lima, is accused of the alleged crime against public administration – specific liability to the detriment of the state.

Emilio Gonzales Chávez intervened and detained in his office on Avenida Abancay, in the center of Lima, when he received S / .4.000 in cash and were part of a supposed bribe he had applied for in people who were being prosecuted for crime of fraud.

According to the Prosecutor's version, the judge asked for the bribe of S / 30,000 to be paid to him in two S / 15,000 payments, but only S / 4,000 were found at the time he was interceded.

"I'm sorry, the only thing I want to say is that there are technical things that will become clear at that moment," the magistrate stressed to the press this morning after the first part of the hearing was suspended and then made way for judicial decision.

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