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They searched the house for home, touring every corner of Cerro Azul and the nearby spa's. No one could explain what had happened to the little Xohana, how she had suddenly strayed into a crowded square. Finally, the sad and heartbreaking reaction came to the same place as the mysterious disappearance: the girl, who would become three in a month, was found dead in an underground source at the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul.

That is, in the same place where Cleverson Guerra and Devora Guerrero the parents of the child, repeatedly shouted the name of their daughter, and the same place that became the center of concentration of dozens of neighbors and about 100 policemen who were looking for the girl.

What happened then? The parents of Xohana had arrived at the aforementioned Plaza de Armas to celebrate the celebration of Cerro Azul's birthday. They leaned back on the wall of a swimming pool, while little Xohana and her seven-year-old sister played very close.

Xohana was gone in a few seconds. It was said that they saw a subject that apparently had watched the girls. Moreover, pointed out that a video betrayed him and even arrested a suspect in Asia .

The hypotheses were not there. The head of the police region Lima, General Gastón Rodríguez, spoke about the intervention of six persons, including the girl's own parents . He said that there was an "inappropriate relationship" and that they were investigating this.

40 hours of fear passed without finding traces of the girl. However, it was the residents of Cerro Azul who warned of a runway. "Since last night we told the police that there were underground wells on the Plaza de Armas, but they did not listen to us," said one mother.

Yesterday around 11:00 in the morning the police officers inspected the plaza and found such sources.
They confirmed that the cover of one of these was covered and that there was water in the interior.

The agents asked the support of a local fisherman, Edgar Ramírez. They asked him to enter these pipelines. Half an hour later, with the equipment of a diver, he entered a first well through an opening of a square meter and left after a few minutes.

Then he went back to another well and after 20 minutes he saw the body of a girl. "The police asked me not to touch her, I only confirmed that I saw the little girl and she was wearing pink," said the fisherman before being approached by a group of police officers.

Later, Salvataje's agents arrived who were the ones who finally found the lifeless body of the little girl. This all happened while the parents remained desperate in the police station.

Shortly thereafter they would arrive at the Morgue de Cañete to confirm what they refused to accept: their little girl was dead.
Colonel PNP Mario Torres Álvarez, head of the police division of Cañete explained that on the Plaza de Armas there are two underground sources that were used as reservoirs of water for irrigation of the parks and another source that is a kind engine room in the pool. The latter has no water seepage.

"Each of the wells is 3 meters wide by 6 meters long, has a depth of 1 meter 80 centimeters and an opening (entrance) of 80 square centimeters.In one of these sources the body of the minor is found", the official said on Perú 21.

The caps of these sources are made by hand with a wooden frame and a tin. They had no hinges or padlocks, and one of them waved, putting the lives of passing people at risk.

In this respect, Alejandrina Echejaya, grandmother of Xohana accused of negligence ] Mayor of Cerro Azul, Abel Miranda because of the lack of security on the Plaza de Armas. "I condemn the mayor for negligence, because I did not have insurance that was a deadly trap," he said.

At the end of this edition, the police reported that the protocol for necropsy resulted in brain and pulmonary edema. "This would indicate that the girl would have drowned," said an official.

-PNP General Gastón Rodríguez, head of the Lima police region, assured that while searching for the little Xohana they received calls from unscrupulous people who even asked for money to provide information about the whereabouts of the minor .

– The Ombudsman reminded citizens that it is not necessary to wait 24 hours to report the loss of a minor.

– The Interior Ministry reported that since February of this year 891 warnings have been issued for missing children and adolescents. To date, the police still can not find 482.

Who is responsible for alleged negligence?

While the cause of death of the small Xohana is being investigated, there would be alleged negligence around this fact. A serious point that came to light is that the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul, a place where many children go daily, was a danger.

The reason: at least two sources had overlapping caps, although this was denied by the manager of the municipality of Cerro Azul, Jaime Cubillas. "It is incorrect that the well was open, and the villagers told me they had reviewed it," he said.

He added that they had already searched for the minor at that place. "They looked in the mailboxes, but they did not see the girl, how did the body end up there? That's a matter of investigation," he said.

It should be noted that the mayor of that district, Abel Miranda Palomino, never came to the area.
Julio César Castiglioni an expert lawyer in municipal affairs, indicated that it is the direct responsibility of the municipality to insure wells in public areas. "This is a negligence of the municipality, there is a dead one and the city officials are co-authors of this fact, the Public Prosecution Office has to determine the responsibilities", he said to Peru.21

The Ombudsman stated that turn that "local authorities have the duty to ensure the safety and protection of children in public they exercise their right to play out."

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