They grab Bambas garments worth 13,000 soles in Chimbote | society

As part of the work to eliminate smuggling and piracy, the staff of Chimbote's Fiscal Police Department succeeded, after carrying out a research project for patients 184 counterfeit clothing They had arrived at a well-known transport company from Lima.

According to the information shared by the Chimbote Online Facebook account, the operation was carried out in the agency the transport and service company Chimbote Express S.A.C, located in block 20 of Avenida José Pardo, on average 10:30 on the last Friday, when they checked the bus station and found packages that were later opened and the garments Bambas from registered brands such as Supreme and Gucci, which initially seemed original.

When the agents opened the package, they had to see the details of the brands and for that reason they realized the forgery they have requested the documents that they prove their legal origin, but there were no respective ballot papers, which were confiscated and taken to the police unit.

Subsequently communicated to the representative of the Fifth Provincial Criminal Attorney of Santa Claus to investigate the alleged perpetration of the crime against industrial property, to the detriment of the consumer public and the legally established company

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