They intervene with the superior judge who receives money from bribery politics

In an operation of the Supreme Internal Control attorney of the Prosecution, Judge deputy Emilio Gonzales Chávez, president of the Sixth Criminal Chamber of Lima, intervened on a blatant delicto when he received the payment of a suspected bribe.

The intervention took place today in the afternoon and was led by the head of the Office Internal Control of the Supreme Public Prosecutor, Prosecutor Jorge Bernal Cavero. The deputy public prosecutor Jaime Velarde and agents of the National Police also participated.

They all landed at the headquarters of the Judicial Power, located in block 5 of Abancay Avenue, where Gonzales broadcast.

There they surprised the superior magistrate at the precise moment when he received S / 4 thousand in cash and that they were part of the alleged bribery he had requested. The tickets were previously photocopied and sprayed with reagents.

As reported by Prosecutionthe judge would have applied for money from people who were prosecuted for committing fraud.

The magistrate, according to the version of the prosecution, requested to pay the bribe to him in two payments of S / 15 thousand. However, only S / 4 thousand were found at the time that he was intervened in his office.

With his face confused, the magistrate saw how the representatives of the public prosecutor counted and checked the money found in a manila envelope.

"I had received money from a lawyer, he had asked for S / 30 thousand, but the lawyer could only get a smaller amount," said public prosecutor Bernal.

The representative of Prosecution He noted that it appeared that the reagent of the accounts was also in the hands of the higher court.

Gonzales Chávez will be charged by the highest administrative prosecutor because of the alleged crime of corruption of officials in the form of passive bribery.

After he was arrested in the act of delicto, the highest magistrate was detained and referred to the anti-corruption police, so that the investigation could be continued.

– Famous controversies
In 2015, the court, under the direction of Judge Gonzales Chávez, ordered the district attorney Ricardo Rojas to file the investigation for alleged money laundering that former First Lady Nadine Heredia and her relatives followed. This, when claiming a habbe corpus explobe filed by the wife of former president Ollanta Humala.

On that occasion the magistrate defended the verdict on the grounds that they only "recognized" the rights of a person.

He therefore ordered the indictment against Heredia, his mother Antonia Alarcón and others. However, when the matter was passed on to the Constitutional Court (TC), it annulled the decision of the Sixth Chamber and ordered the investigation to continue.

In February last year, led by Emilio Gonzales, fourteen officials of the first board of Luis Castañeda Lossio spoke in Lima's mayor office involved in the Comunicore case, accused of the alleged crimes of collusion and embezzlement.

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