Three people were killed by the fall of a truck to an abyss in Áncash

Three people were killed and two others were injured after the van in which they traveled fell into a gap of 400 meters, the fact happened on the penetration road to the Centro Poblado de Huacho, in the district Quillo, Yungay Province (Ancash).

The deceased were identified as Mercedes Baltazar Carrasco 40 years old, his cousin Jesus Baltazar Carrasco of 25 years, and Ángel Cutamancawhose bodies were rescued 18 hours after the accident because of the inaccessibility of the area.

The plate vehicle H1S-842, led by Jesús Baltazar, went from the Poblado center of Pampacancha to Huacho, but apparently a bad maneuver caused a dive into the abyss.

In total six people traveled in the van, two of whom were seriously injured and identified Modesto Baltazar and Valentin Angeleswhile the sixth passenger was unharmed and identified as the son of Mercedes Baltazar.

The wounded were taken to a nearby health center, but due to the seriousness of their injuries they were referred to the regional hospital.

The office of the prosecutor and police officers of Quillo's police station have investigated to determine the real causes of the accident that three families have regretted.

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