Traffic congestion: Limeños caught in traffic lose 60 hours a month, according to a survey Peru

51% of the inhabitants of Lima said that because of the traffic congestion He does not spend much time with his family, according to a study by the PAD – School of Management at the University of Piura.

"Spending less time with the family has social and educational consequences: 30% leaves recreational activities that are necessary for health, and 20% precise information that is left behind or can not study out of consideration, causing the development of the people", said Willard Manrique, coordinator of the research.

Also the II Study of traffic and trends of urban mobility in Lima – 2018, conducted by Marketwin, explains that this percentage of Limeños it uses between 2 hours and more to go to its activities, mainly working and studying.

Similarly 67% of the respondents indicated that they suffer from stress due to traffic.

The study, applied to more than 1,400 people who live in the north, east, south and center of Lima, indicates that 64% of citizens concentrate their trips before 6:00 am in the morning. and 8:00 a.m.

Moreover, the research indicates that the most common way to travel in Lima is the combi (53%), the bus (41%) and the Metropoliano (15%).

"This reflects the circumstances in which more than half of the population studied must undergo, that is to say, at least 60 hours lost in traffic for a month"added Manrique.


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