Trujillo: brothers face each other in chain of restaurants – TRUJILLO 360 – La Industria

The Ñique León brothers have a dispute over the management of the Trujillo chain of El Mochica restaurants.

Moments of terror lived a group of guests who at El Mochica de Bolívar, was one of the branches of the restaurant chain of the brothers Ñique León around 11 o'clock in the morning. To the spot where they entered about 10 aliens with firearms, who confronted the forces of order with fireworks in the air.

Until the moment when it is not known who ordered these subjects to invade the establishment. It turned out, however, that the struggle was caused by the dispute that was maintained by the aforementioned family.

A few days ago, the judiciary ordered the removal of the person in charge of the administration, Roger Ñique, for debts on employees, fines, debts, among other conflicts. For this reason, his brother, Walter Ñique, took possession of the Moche buildings yesterday, while the strangers invaded the building of the center.

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