Trujillo: Five blackmailers, including a Venezuelan woman, fall into compensation society

Five alleged blackmailers, who charged costs to members of the bus company Leader Express, were captured in a police operation in Trujillo, after a patient follow-up of the National Police personnel.

The first to fall were Lucía Isabel Vásquez Chilón (20), accompanied by Alberto Ángel Montes Ramírez (42), in a vehicle of film A6B-587, a collect the money from the weekly paymentwho demand the couriers. They were captured in the local collective, located in the 3 B district of Alto Trujillo.

At the time of the personal search, the woman found a bag with 400 soles given to her by the company's executives, who apparently had conditioned this payment to make them work. The interventionists confessed that the money had to be given to another person in the main park of the Wichanzao sector, in the district of to hope.

The police officers set up an operation for the place that could intervene at two taxi's of the taxi license plate 3542-BM and 0238-9B, in one of the smaller vehicles Snaider Smith Lopez Polo (21) was found, which was accompanied by a minor of Venezuelan nationality of initials ADDM (12) and the other vehicle was controlled by adolescent JACT (16).

It should be noted that this criminal gang is led by Juan Oscar Dionicio Miñano (22) (a) "Piqué", serving a sentence in the prison of Ancon II, in the city of Lima.

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