Trujillo: Student goes out for a holiday and dies crushed by ATV | Picture 1 of 3 | national

A day out for the birthday of Santa Rosa de Lima ended in tragedy after the death of the university student Rosario Quezada Haro (21) when he was crushed by the ATV, he drove Thursday afternoon in the Rázuri district in Trujillo.

The victim, who studied in the National University of Trujillo, took the vacation to make a walk with his friend Christian Antonio Santos Reaños (19). Both left in the morning to the spa of Puerto Malabrigo. His stay lasted until two in the afternoon.

At that time the couple decided to rent a quad to go around the beach Trujillo. According to the witnesses, the young man was the one who controls the vehicle, but minutes later the deceased took the wheel.

The ride went on normally until the girl decided to make a very tight turn, so she lost control and when she fell to the ground she was finally crushed by the vehicle. The heavy structure hit his head.

One of the young people who had rented the vehicle ran to help them and brought him to the post of the city with the help of some holidaymakers. After a few minutes they found it useful to go to a hospital in the Paiján district Trujillo.

The doctors, who saw the seriousness of the wound seen by Quezada, referred her to an ambulance to the regional hospital of Trujillowhere he died after seven o'clock at night. The family members were still surprised by what happened to avoid talking to the press.

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