Trujillo: two bullet student killed at party society

Two students were murdered in the fifth year of secondary education when they were having fun at a 15-year party on Calle San Luis in the Rio Seco sector of the shoemaker's district (La Libertad region).

The fact was recorded when averaging 3 a. M., In circumstances where the party took place in the house. Witnesses claim that during the celebration, a subject they know as El Cojo He returned to the place, accompanied by a group of people carrying guns after he had been attacked by one of the guests.

Without danger the villains walked on the windows of the first and second floor of the house where the pink party was held. Product of the attack the minor, from initials J. M. S. (16), resulted with two gunshot wounds in the chest and leg.

After the attack, the criminals fled the scene and left in their own way the seriously injured youth, who was transferred by his friends to the hospital Santa Isabel de El Porvenir. Unfortunately, the child died before receiving medical assistance.

The schoolboy's relatives came to the Morgue de Trujillo to collect the corpse and give it a Christian funeral. They also asked for justice and to capture those responsible for the cruel attack. The PNP carries out the relevant studies.

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