Tumbes: 18 Venezuelans operated as escorts in bars [FOTOS]

25 August 2018 11:00

The police and the public prosecutor's office rescues 18 civilians from various bars in Tumbes Venezuelan They were exploited as escorts in nightclubs in the Zorritos district of Contralmirante Villar.

Agents of the Human Trafficking Directorate conduct police operations to prevent the crime against the freedom of trafficking in human beings at various checkpoints (entry and exit from Lima), with the aim of locating and identifying minors and biggest victims of the Crime against Liberty – Trafficking in Persons.

At 7 and 40 at night, the police officers conducted with the collaboration of three prosecutors specializing in trafficking, officials of the Departmental Headquarters of Migrations of Tumbes and three officials of the SUNAFIL-Tumbes, the operation from "RESCUE TUMBES II 2018 ".


In the bar known as "In the Fund there is room", unscrupulous people had abused women nationally and nationally Venezuelan Let them work as ladies of company, by signing clients.

In this bar on Av. República del Perú No. S / N, Department of Tumbes, the Peruvians Nathaly Isabel Alburquerque Montero (33), Carlos Rugel Espinoza (58) and Miguel Ángel Fernández Peña (41) and the Venezuelan were arrested Kimberly's Yohainnes Guerra Flores (27) of Venezuelan nationality.

Nineteen (19) victims of trafficking were rescued, of whom eighteen (18) were Venezuelan, whose full identification and immigration status is in charge of the Departmental Headquarters of Migrations Tumbes and one (01) adult victim of Peruvian nationality.

The nineteen (19) victims took refuge in the Program for Assistance and Protection of Victims and Witnesses of the MP, who carried out the corresponding legal examinations.

It should be noted that, in accordance with the Binational Operational Plan of Peru-Ecuador 2018, the operation plan was implemented; have coordinated the execution of the police operation in neighboring Ecuador with Captain PNE Luis Estaban Salcedo Jaramillo.

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