Tumbes: delinquent jokes police and thank Public Prosecutor who liberated him Peru

in Tumbes, a 24-year-old delinquent mocked the National police and thanked the prosecutor who released him despite his crimes.

It is about Libirio Romero Zarango, alias & # 39; El Indio & # 39 ;, which in a video, presented by Latina news, said: "Greetings to all police officers who always keep me" caught "and greet them to the prosecutor who always throws me out."

His words have caused great indignation Tumbesespecially among those affected by their crimes, such as Aura Vega Olivos, director of the educational center Peru Canada, where he stole computers and sound equipment.

"The attitude of this subject is really outrageous: he is fooling the police because he is being taken prisoner every week, sent to the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor leaves him free." How much disability, "he said. Vega Olivos

Libirio Romero was interceded on September 24 by agents of the Andrés Araujo police station, in Moránbut he was released again.


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