Two young policemen die when their car hits a trailer

"I can not believe it, I'm still waiting for them to return from work," says a policeman, shocked at the tragedy that rages his institution.

At the dawn of the day, two non-commissioned officers died in Ica during a head-on collision between the car they occupied and a trailer driving in the opposite direction.

A neighbor of one of the casualties who happened to pass through the place recognized the brown car inlaid at the front of the tow truck.

As soon as he saw it, he told the officers' families what had happened. Almost parallel, another courier called Pisco police station to notice what was happening.

deadly impact

Non-commissioned officer NPP Víctor Anicama Padilla participated in the mediation at 8 am in the morning at kilometer 257 of the Panamericana Sur, near Pozo Santo, in the sector of Villacuri, and saw a heart-rending image.

Third class non-commissioned officers, Anthony Huamaní Fernández (22) and Yeremy Guevara Saire (21) died on the spot, in the Suzuki BDF-363. The oldest of them drove. His partner was sitting on the passenger seat.

For reasons that are still under investigation, they collided with the V7Y-782 truck and VAQ-976 car.

Unconfirmed versions indicated that the car that the police were going to was driving too fast and that they had tried to overtake another vehicle on a slope, moving to the track where the trailer was traveling in the opposite direction, from north to south.

The troops were going to provide service. Until a few months ago, both were stationed at the San Andrés police station. However, they were later transferred to the Sectorial Commission of Huamaní, province of Pisco.

three others died

In the meantime, three other people were killed and two were injured after the lorry in which they were traveling ended up in a 400-meter-long chasm on the access road to the Huancho city center, in Quillo district, Yungay province (Ancash).

The victims are Mercedes Baltazar Carrasco (40), his nephew Jesús Baltazar Carrasco (25) and Ángel Cutamanca. The vehicle H1S-842, led by Jesús Baltazar, was on its way to Huancho.

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