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The taxi driver of Uber Franklin Mendoza reported that he was accusing Solange Estrada Liza, a passenger who hit him in his vehicle, because he refused to take her to his destination.

"I do not do it with the spirit of revanchism, but I want to set a precedent and that a wave of tolerance and respect is generated," Mendoza told Latina.

The driver repeated that he asked Solange Estrada to get out of his vehicle after he picked her up in Miraflores, but reacted in an offensive manner because he tried to downplay his work as a taxi driver.

In the program & # 39; Tengo Algo que Decirte & # 39; reminds Mendoza that every Uber driver has the power to cancel the service & # 39; if the fate does not seem safe & # 39 ;.


Solange Estrada said for her part that she should not apologize for her aggression and said that it was only a "bad reaction" to an insult that Uber's taxi driver reportedly told her.

"I should not apologize, because it was a reaction, suddenly a bad reaction to what the taxi driver insulted me before he took me in. He treated me terribly, he touched my arm and pushed me to get out of his cab and I just asked her "I was drunk, I was alone," Estrada remarked.



Woman who attacked the driver of Uber spoke for the first time. (I have to tell you something)


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