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the unemployment in Metropolitan Lima it stood at 6.1% in the moving quarter of June-July-August, the lowest percentage so far this year, according to a report from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

In terms of absolute figures, the INEI It is estimated that 318,800 people are actively looking for work in it Metropolitan Lima. Of the total number of unemployed, 40.9% (130,400 people) men and 59.1% (188,400 people) are women.

the INEI noted that the unemployment rate among women had fallen in 2004 Metropolitan Lima it was 7.8% in the moving quarter of June-July-August, or 3.2 percentage points more than that of men (4.6%).


In the analysis quarter, the sufficient employment increased by 1.1% in Metropolitan Lima, which meant that 33,900 more people got a job with minimal working conditions.

Of the total population with sufficient employment in the capital, 64.2% (2 & # 39; 016,000) are men and 35.8% (1 & # 39; 122,700) are women, according to the statistical entity.

Adequate employment in the analysis quarter increased by 1.5% (24,000 people) in companies with 1 to 10 employees in the mobile quarter of June-July-August and with 5.3% (18,100) in that of 11,5 employees; while in companies with 51 and more employees it was reduced by 0.7% (8,200).

On the other hand, the INEI noted that the average monthly income coming from work Metropolitan Lima increased by 2.4% to S / 1,721.5 in the analysis quarter.

According to sex, the average income of women rose by 4.6% (S / 63.3) and that of men by 0.9% (S / 17.5). "In this moving quarter, the average income of women represented 73.3% of men's income," the statistical entity said.

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