Unknown people kill Dutch people in Tarata street

A shootout on the second block of Tarata Street, in Miraflores, left yesterday a dead foreign citizen and another wounded man.

According to witnesses, two men on a motorcycle attacked the foreigners when they returned to the apartment they shared in a building on the road above.

The incident occurred at about 15.15 hours, compared with 278 on Tarata Street. In that place they spoke Robert Milat, aged 51, and Niki Stank. Suddenly the subjects appeared on board a motorcycle. One fell off and fired directly at Milat's head, killed him, and then wounded his friend. Then they fled.

"They were two hitmen on a motorcycle, they shot at the man, they shot him in the head, apparently" they "arranged" him, some of the witnesses told the police.

Members of the murder department arrived at the site to initiate investigations. There were also experts in Criminalistics who surrounded the area and gathered some evidence, as well as made some photos.

A representative of the Public Prosecutor ordered the body to be transferred to the Morgue de Lima. According to police sources, Robert Milat, a Dutch citizen, had criminal records. No further information was received from his Bulgarian national companion.

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