UNMSM condemns the aggression of Ricardo Belmont as professor at the university

The home of studies issued a statement on Facebook after the candidate had branded to Lima a teachers criminal in the streets of Gamarra.

The National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) was pronounced last week after the incident by Ricardo Belmont, who called a criminal a teacher who accused him of & # 39; Xenophobe & # 39; during an activity held in the commercial center of Gamarra.

Through a message Facebook, the Professional School of Philosophy of the said house of studies categorically rejected the statements of the mayoral candidate from Lima and considered that they're full of prejudice and racism & # 39; goods.

"It was an aggression full of prejudice and racism, which we should not allow anyone or anyone, and less of people who want to steer the city's destination," the publication says.

They also called on the applicants at Lima's municipal chair to "behave according to the circumstances" and "discuss the serious problems of the city" with a "high sense of respect".

Only a few days ago the teacher identified it as Perfect Franco Soriano He also published a communication via social networks, in which he thanked the people who showed solidarity with him.

"I am happy to think that both you and I are willing to confront anyone who promotes hatred and fear and aggravates the resentment that can be caused by an injustice suffered," he wrote Friday on his Facebook account.

It must be remembered that everything started after Belmont Cassinelli was confused with Franco Soriano during a tour through the streets of Gamarra. The candidate of Peru Libertario did not tolerate the subject calling him for his speech against Venezuelan migration and called him a delinquent.

"Look at this delinquent who came to grab me in the back, did you see it or did you not notice it, did not he see his face? Did not see me right? Did you see his face? Did you see how he came to hit me? "He said before the camera's from Canal N.

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