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A Venezuelan citizen who was charged with rape as a policeman Villa María del Triunfo. The most outrageous thing about this case is that, despite the complaint, the wicked continue to harass and even threaten to withdraw the complaint via WhatsApp.

The victim, who did not decide to reveal his identity, said that he had met the non-commissioned officer Jampier Yamil Maldonado Rios in the Mariátegui police station of Villa María del Triunfo. The subject offered to help her and gave her his mobile number.

"He says I should take his number that will help me, because I have a uniform, I trusted him", the Venezuelan revealed to a local media. Before the attack, the police asked him in cash to let him change his room because they were going to do some paperwork.

Tests against police money

"He started pointing me in his head and I thought he was making a joke, then he got upset, he talked to me and told me to take off my clothes," he said. After the fact, the Venezuelan citizen went to the police station to make the corresponding report. The doctor's statement was positive.

Threats to WhatsApp

After hearing the complaint, the police began harassing his victim to a & # 39; agreement & # 39; to come. "It was already, if you accused me, it was normal, what time do you go outside today, beautiful? Are you there?" Reads a WhatsApp message to Venezuela.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Jampier Yamil Maldonado Ríos is accused of rape. The policeman has a history of theft and rape. Currently it is found to be non-existent. The police station of Villa María del Triunfo showed that the police officer agreed to the post two months ago.

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