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The national supremacy of migration reported that Venezuelan citizens who have processed them Temporary permission of permanence (PTP) In Peru you can pick up your document between Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 of this month.

As the entity indicates, Venezuelan citizens must confirm that their card has already been printed. For that you have to enter the Migration Portal and verify that your file number is in the list.

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The collection of the card will also have to be approached with your loading sheet from the start of the procedure and the document with which they made the process.

The opening hours are today until 8 pm and on Sunday 26 from 8 am in the morning. until noon at the head office the Av., Spain 734, in the district Breña (Lima).

It should be noted that the PTP is essential for Venezuelan citizens because it allows them to work legally in the country for a year.

So far, about 75 thousand Venezuelans have the PTP and 100 thousand are processing them. However, more than 42 thousand appointments to process the card were lost due to their absence.

Given the number of missed appointments, the superintendent of Migrations, Eduardo Sevilla Echevarría, called those who were interested in processing the card, because only then can their immigration status be arranged.

Do not forget that only Venezuelan citizens who entered Peru before October 31 of this year can process the card.

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