Venezuelans in Peru: migrants rush their income through Tumbes Trade Peru Tumbes

The officers of the Binational Border Care Center (Cebaf) of Tumbes – located between Peru and Ecuador – they work to the maximum of their capacity. According to this Thursday The tradeIn this position there are hundreds of migrants Venezuelan they wait until Saturday at zero o'clock to enter the country when they ask for a passport.

To register this population, the National Head of Migration this Thursday activated the system of face and decade identification in the ten modules of the Cebaf Tumbes. With this tool the fingerprints of foreigners can be photographed and recorded.

According to Migraciones, this system is of the same type as Jorge Chávez International Airport. The information of each traveler is sent to the PNP's databases which in turn pass on the data to Interpol.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Mauro Medina, and the superintendent of migrations, Eduardo Sevilla, presided over the activation in Cebaf this Thursday. Medina reported that the government is prepared to treat foreigners well. That is why he emphasized that an environment has been installed in Cebaf for the care of pregnant women, children or seniors.

Migrations also activated the immigration verification post Zarumilla, which will randomly request the documents from the foreign nationals and check whether they have passed a regular check in the Cebaf.

Tickets and departure times

According to Superintendent Sevilla, three thousand a day enter the country Venezuelan and to date there are 400,200 citizens of this country in Peru.

although Tumbes It is the main access point, the power has also increased in Iñapari (Madre de Dios), border town with Brazil. According to immigration authorities, between 100 and 150 foreigners – the majority Venezuelan– they come in every day. Until last week, only 10 daily earnings were received.

Migrations also reported that between 400 and 500 Venezuelan They leave Peru daily in the Santa Rosa Border Complex, in Tacna. Their destinations are Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.


Thursday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi and the Director-General of the United Nations Migration Organization, William Lacy Swing, expressed their concern about the latest measures the countries of the region have for migrants Venezuelan.

From Geneva (Switzerland), the representatives named the request for passports in particular Venezuelan in Peru and Ecuador, as well as the changes that our country has ordered on the temporary permit to stay for days.

Grandi and Swing asked to consider the cases of minors, women and families who wanted to meet. On Wednesday, our President of the Council of Ministers, César Villanueva, said that migrant groups are exempt from the passport.

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