Venezuelans in Peru: Minister assured that economy is not worrying Crisis in Venezuela Carlos Oliva world

The figure of Venezuelan They are in Peru, especially in Lima, "is not worrying from an economic point of view," said Carlos Oliva, head of the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Oliva stressed that the majority of Venezuelans living there Peru they are governed by the demands of the country.

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"From an economic point of view I do not see it as worrying, but it is also true that there is pressure on a number of basic services we have, especially in the area of ​​health and education, I think there are about 30 thousand children Venezuelan who are in the schools of Peru and another group that puts health care under pressure, "Oliva said.

He stressed that Peru he must be prepared to welcome Venezuelans who have been out of crisis for more than three years.

"And in that sense I think our country is doing very well to receive all these people who have problems of different nature in their country, we have to be able to do the job and try to respond to this, we can not close this kind of services we all know that it has major shortcomings, "he replied.

The minister emphasized that there are many Peruvians in Peru who contribute with their staff to the country's economy, as most are professionals.

"But if the economy does not grow at a rate that it should grow, we could generate some form of internal competition with this surplus of labor supply, so it's a very sensitive issue, we at the MEF are committed to the economy to to keep growing and I hope that all these requirements can be removed without of course the employees of the Peru", culminated.

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