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The deadline was met and the measure came into effect, but with humanitarian exceptions. From yesterday zero hours at the Binational Border Service Center (Cebaf) of Tumbes the rule that allows only the access of citizens entered into force Venezuelan with passport. José Soto, a father of two children, arrived at 23.58 from Barquisimeto. Friday, after nine days with bus travel and walking. It was the last llanero that could enter with the Andina Migratoria Card (TAM), a document that was previously considered valid.

The people who did not have the required document, which is estimated at 60%, entered the country within the vulnerability group (pregnant women, the elderly, parents with their children, the sick and the disabled), and also sought refuge at an office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs engaged since yesterday at the Cebaf.

"They must, after entering the country, report to a decentralized foreign office of each city to receive a document allowing their stay in the country, while this office decides to take refuge. on law 27891, "declared the Prosecutor Crime Prevention in Tumbes, Felix Quinde.

One of the first beneficiaries of the request for refuge is the Bandujar-Álvarez family. Wilfredo, Norelquis and his three daughters arrived yesterday at sunrise from Carabobo, after eight days of traveling. Your final destination is Piura. In contrast to the last days in which the chaos reigned in the Cebaf environment, the panorama that appeared in the night of Friday and yesterday was quieter. You could see fewer people sleeping outside the grounds.


From 4 o'clock in the morning of yesterday, Ecuadorian buses started arriving at the same migration control, carried out by the authorities of that country, giving them a humanitarian corridor.

Up to the end of this edition, 10 vehicles arrived, with about 500 Venezuelan men, women and children.

Precisely, sources from the Peruvian government indicated to Perú21 who evaluate the humanitarian corridor facilitated by Ecuador that goes from the border with Colombia to Tumbes.

For the psychiatrist Carlos Bromley, the presence of 400,000 Venezuelans caused an impact and instability in society, which is vulnerable to new situations. However, he is convinced that he will be able to adapt and that an integration process will be carried out.


– The Ministry of Health installed a post on the outskirts of Cebaf to vaccinate free of charge against the influenza and other diseases of the Venezuelans who left the place, after completing their entry into our territory.

– Dozens of tumbesinos and volunteers from seven churches came to border control to provide support and food to Venezuelan citizens. This gesture was appreciated by foreigners.

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