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Topics tied him and hit him in his head; They also took 10,000 soles and household appliances.


two Venezuelan They have become the main suspects in the murder of a carpenter in the El Porvenir district. The foreigners would not only have handcuffed and beaten him with a rope, but they would have seized 10,000 soles and various devices from the property on Baltazar Villalonga Street No. 2223.

The deceased is Leonel Manuel Sandoval Segura (32) who hired the alleged murderers ten days ago. Initially there were three, but one finished Wednesday. They all worked in harmony and even got free housing and food from the victim.

Today in the morning the brother and the employees of the deceased went out to buy wood. On arrival no one opened the door so that the first one entered the house of the neighbor, when he entered the workshop he was bitterly surprised. His brother was fascinated with electric cables and a pool of blood.

The other family members came later to verify that the Venezuelans also had taken possession of the money, a television and other devices. They moved to the house where they lived, but they did not find them, their clothes or personal belongings.

The deceased leaves behind a 2-year-old girl in the orphanage. His neighbors came with placards claiming justice and the quick capture of the alleged murderers, whose identity is unknown.

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