Vicente Zeballos: Keiko Fujimori gave a confrontational message without argument Trade politics

The Minister of Justice, Vicente Zeballos, said that there is no populism behind the constitutional reform projects presented by President Martín Vizcarra to submit a referendum, and found rather that the message he gave Keiko Fujimori in that sense he only tried to argue with the government without offering more support.

"More has been a message of contrast with the Executive and hardly argumentative in the formulation of proposals […] It has been a confrontational message, say, and confirm once again that she is the real leader of Congress, "he said. Vicente Zeballos in an interview with the newspaper "La República".

The minister said he expected some political guidance in the message of Keiko Fujimori, but found that there was no position, but an "argument aimed at contrast with the government".

"She (Keiko Fujimori) has been in a quiet treatment for weeks and the justice crisis has been intensified, not to say that it has deteriorated. For that reason, we hoped it would have been a much more proactive message. The conditions of the country require positive and consensual answers to a goal: that there are changes, rectifications. But in this case, much emphasis has been put on entering into a political contrast with the Executive, "he said.

Vicente Zeballos rescued that, in his message aired on Twitter the morning of Thursday, August 23, Keiko Fujimori He said that they would support the referendum projects, although he expressed his concern that the debate in Congress will continue until next year.

"Fear does not only manifest itself in what the lady expressed Keiko Fujimoribut with the intention of Tuesday in the congress to approve a work plan that was quite extensive and that did not allow to work with speed. And a crisis situation deserves an answer, "he said.

Vicente Zeballos, therefore disputes that Congress has decreed as a representation next week, postponed the debate of the projects for the referendum.

"The Congress does not understand the dimension of the problem that the country is currently dealing with and does not respond to the problem," he said.

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