Víctor Prado: "The best thing is that those who are involved in audios decide to leave" Trade politics

The president of the judiciary, Víctor Prado Saldarriaga ruled that "the most optimal" for his institution is that the members of the Executive Council were involved in new audio & # 39; s, decides to leave this body after the extraordinary session that will take place tomorrow.

"If they understand that their participation is serious as it is presented in the media, then I think the most optimal is that they decide to leave the Executive Council of the Judiciary ( CEPJ ), "he said in dialogue with Canal N.

As mentioned, Prado Saldarriaga called an emergency session extraordinary CEPJ the highest organ of this institution, before the five audios broadcast yesterday and today .

The recordings released by the "Journalistic Research Platform" reveal that the question Supreme vocal César Hinostroza intervened in the CEPJ to give preference to a change of position in the superior judge María Luisa Apaza.

According to the report, Judge Apaza, known for having a hair position, the megajuicio against the family Sánchez Paredes was searched for Lima for reasons of health of her husband.

Prado Saldarriaga said that "they will listen to the discharges" of those involved tomorrow, "depending on it", gives an institutional response.

He explained in that row that he could order the immediate separation of these officials, but felt that the best thing would be that decision "He is with a resignation from their origin."

He also regretted that these practices have taken place because "they again affect your institution" that is trying to stand up.

"We are trying to get up right now, try Right now we are regaining the trust of the public and this immediate past again casts shadow on an institution so important to the democratic path of a country," he said. .

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