Video A bus returning from Machu Picchu turned on the Hiram Bingham road

A bus from the transport company Consettur turned on the Hiram Bingham road that connects the citadel Machu Picchu with the city Aguas Calientes, in Cusco. The vehicle returned with tourists from the Inca citadel.

"The accident was in the part of Machupicchu city, there were 30 passengers of which two people are checked for possible serious injuries, the rest are strokes," he said. RPP Amilcar Zambrano, deputy manager of Tourism of the municipality machupicchu. "One of the buses has been overthrown, which led to this unfortunate accident and there are people who have been beaten and luckily this has not been taken into account, there are no reports of deaths, we make arrangements to bring those who need it to Cusco. evacuate. "

The reasons why the bus went on the road are still unknown, because the priority is to attend to the wounded, according to the deputy manager of Tourism of the municipality of Machupicchu.

Tourism and accidents in Cusco

On July 31, a collision between trains on their way to Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu in CuscoOn the left, 31 wounded 5 of them seriously. The accident was recorded at km 89 near the community of Qoriwayrachina. The trains were owned by the companies PeruRail and Inca Rail, both moved passengers to Aguas Calientes.

A day more than 4,000 tourists will be mobilized in the trains operated by Peru Rail and Inka Rail on the Cusco railways. Only in 2017 did Machu Picchu receive 1 million 411 thousand 279 tourists, the majority (76%) being foreigners and only 24% corresponding to national visitors.

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