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Video So it was the drawing of a mayor between two candidates who had recorded votes

After the process of 2018 municipal elections, the city Tibillo, in the Ica province of Palpa, there was what the electorate thought, and even less the candidates thought that would happen, two of them would get the same number of votes.

It is about Jairo Estrada Ramírez of the regional movement Works for Modernity and Wilber Estrada Pardo from the Popular Action party, coincidentally also cousins, obtained at 100% of the ONPE-count 102 votes eachso they would define the mayor's office through a draw.

The headquarters of the Ica Special Electoral Jury, presided by Dr. ir. Edgar Rojas Dominguez, was the scene of a lottery, where the winner would be the mayor of the district mentioned above. The event was attended by authorities and representatives from Reniec, Ombudsman and ODPE.

Face or seal

Both candidates together with their representatives chose the definition of the mayor 's office by the throwing a coin out of a sun. So the process began with the election of one of the three presented by the jury and then select one of those present as responsible for its launch, responsibility that fell in representative for the National police, commander José Luis Piccini, head of the planning of the Ica police region.

The curious fact also had a moment and it was when the two candidates had to choose the side of the medal with which they tried to play their luck, coincidentally both opted for the same side, so it was retraced to know who & # 39; face & # 39; would have and who & # 39; seal & # 39;.

After the draw and after the selection of the silk, a cash was transferred to make the currency's toss into the air until it fell to the ground, the chance increased that the coin & # 39; Stamp & # 39; selected side that hit the candidate acciopopulista Wilber Estrada Pardo, which has become this the winner of the elections and therefore elected mayor of the Tibillo district.

"It is not democracy, but I respect the rules"

Known as the result, the losing candidate, Jairo Estrada Ramírez of the regional movement Works for Modernity, showed disagreement with the manner of election, but said he respects it.

"It is not democracy, but out of respect for the standards of the National Election Board and the authorities, we have to comply because we know what we love since we started the campaign […] what we have left is respect and thank where I came, "said Estrada Ramirez.

He also indicated that he would be happy to help his nephew in what his management will be. "Why not help for the welfare of the people? For them we are here, I would like to support it with my government plan, I do not know that it is a matter of agreement, the most important thing is that the city is growing," he said.

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