Villa María del Triunfo: the man was serious after ruthlessly beating 10 young people in a sexual assault [VIDEO] | society

A 44-year-old man stood on the brink of death after being attacked and beaten by at least ten young people in a street in Villa María del Triunfo. The cruel beating came on average 4 in the morning of Tuesday to steal his belongings.

The aggression took place when the victim was identified as Ernesto Sánchez (44) He walked near the municipality of Villa María del Triunfo and was intercepted by the group of thieves.

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Sanchez resisted the theft and was stabbed and hit with punches and kicks without a punchd. "To take away his possessions, about ten people hit this man, destroy his jaw and cause injuries with a sharp cutting weapon in his stomach," said the civil security administrator Villa Maria del Triunfo to America News.

Three young people were arrested in the locality, who were identified as Gonzalo Laureano Pimentel (18), Marjorie Lizárraga Aguilar (20) and Richard Palacios Zúñiga (19). The rest managed to escape.

The manager of the municipality of Villa María del Triunfo indicated that the young people they have destroyed the jaw and you they cut the belly the man who was admitted to the hospital and reserved his prognosis.

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