Vizcarra criticizes judges who still receive bribes

A new inducement to the people that at the next municipal elections and regional elections to vote for fair candidates was made by President Martín Vizcarra in Chiclayo.

"The next important task that we all need to take on October 7 is to choose working authorities who know their reality and are honest, so they can make the change with us, it's up to you to make the best decision. take, "he told villagers. District of Leonardo Ortiz, to whom he has supplied 10 compressors to improve the collection of waste.

The president then condemned the case of Judge Juan Gonzales Chávez, who intervened when he received a bribe.

"It may not be possible that we have all talked about the fight against the corruption of the judiciary in the last 15 days, yesterday a judge is caught bribing." There can be authorities that are so unfair that they are the claim of the population to fight against corruption, the opinion does not care and continue with an unfair attitude? ", complained.

On the other hand, although the president said that the executive should continue to develop important projects for the country, he added that this does not mean that there will be "a clean slate" in cases of corruption.

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