Vizcarra: We present the vote of confidence but it is not enough

Van Huarmey spoke to the president about the four projects of political and legal reforms that were presented to Congress

President Martín Vizcarra supervised the reconstruction work in Huarmey. Photo and video: channel N

The President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, the morning of this Monday (17-09-18) was pronounced by Huarmey about the trust he has placed with the Congress of the Republic.

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"We are aware of the four projects, they are important, so yesterday we present a vote of confidence but that is not enough"he said.

the leader He referred to political reform projects such as the return to bicameralism, the non-re-election of congressmen and the financing of political campaigns.

In addition, he also mentioned the reform project of the judicial system that reorganized the National Council of Magistracy.

"We have approved 88 in the past two months Legislative decisionsIn terms of human rights and others, "he said, he believes that he continues to work in parallel with these requirements.

The president visited Huarmey, one of the most important areas where the El Niño phenomenon is located Ancash. He said that in six months the construction of the new hospital will begin.

He also supervised the reconstruction work and promised to work on improving the defense of the river.

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