VMT: restaurant owner confronted criminals with a kitchen spoon VIDEO | chalk

The owner of a restaurant was armed with courage and with a kitchen deal she had to deal with three criminals Villa María del Triunfo. The victim, tired of civil unrest, did not hesitate to defend their premises and prevent them from taking the profit of the day.

The security camera of the restaurant, located on Avenida 26 de Noviembre, captured exactly the moment when two of these thieves came in to intimidate the guests and the owner. Seconds later, enter the third with what appears to be a weapon. Upon seeing, the owner confronts him with a ladle.

Although one of the offenders manages to grab the victim's spoon, she does not stop and continues fighting, by lifting one of the restaurant's chairs and throwing it at one of the chairs.

The action of the lady motivated the other employees of the restaurant to intervene and defend the case. The diners themselves also supported the owner of the building, causing the criminals to flee in panic.

It should be noted that this is the third time they have come to rob the shop, which has led her to defend her business.


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