Walter Rios lowered salaries to his employees in the court of Callao Trade politics

Two new audios released on Tuesday will reveal the detained former president of the Callao court Walter Ríos coordinated with his advisers the reduction of the salaries of his employees in the aforementioned jurisdiction.

You will hear the first shot Walter Ríos talk to your adviser Nelson Aparicio. In this conversation he asks when it is time to pay the court advisors and if the "fat man" has already explained the procedure to be followed.

With the "fat" Rios refers to his former adviser, today he also detained Gianfranco Paredes, whom he called minutes later.

You hear in the second audio Walter Ríos Coordinate with Paredes the delivery to the advisors of less money than the one who corresponded with them.

"Do not scare me, how much will come out of the box every month?" You can hear him ask the former president of the Callao court.

"Two thousand five hundred is ready," answers Paredes. "Now that is only fifteen hundred for them," answers Rios.

Audio 1

Walter Ríos: The month of February, are the advisors paid or not?
Nelson Aparicio: You mean …?
WR: I do not know the name. They are two advisers.
NA: Oh, yes.
WR: Are you sure?
NA: Very safe.
WR: Ya. For March, when does it pay to pay for it?
NA: Al. The two, the seventeen and the nineteen.
WR: Ya. Now, do you already know what procedure will be followed, right? With the fat man
NA: No, he did not tell me.
WR: Ask him.
NA: I'm going to call him.
WR: I'm going to call him to explain, right? At this moment I call it.
NA: Al.

Audio 2

Walter Ríos: How much goes out of the box per month? Concrete, concrete.
Gianfranco Paredes: Ya
WR: Do not scare me, how much does it get out of the box every month?
GP: two thousand five hundred ranked.
WR: Now, now. That's only fifteen hundred for them.
General practitioner: correct.
WR: You see how you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, do you want me to understand that?
GP: Yes.
WR: Do not give details, do not give details, brother.
GP: Yes, ya, ya. Right.
WR: please. Quiet. Take it easy. Already?
GP: Yes.
WR: Do not call anyone and you will first explain to me how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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