WhatsApp: Arequipa, UNSA cancels admission testing through test filtration in social networks politics

Arequipa. Seven WhatsApp messages released a serious complaint that eventually dragged the National University of San Agustin (UNSA). The WhatsApps were photo's of seven sheets entrance exam to the field of biomedical sciences that yesterday this house of studies has taken.

These were sent to the professor of an academy yesterday at 10:21 AM, Alfredo Quispe Llanos, while the candidates presented the test. The mobile phone number is not registered in the contact list of the teacher.

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The photos were clear, it could be clearly read that they matched the first phase of the UNSA 2019 exam, for which they enrolled 14 100 affected.

Quispe, scared, went to the police station of Santa Marta to denounce the leak, because, as indicated, if this was forwarded, nothing said that the exam has not been sent to the applicants before.

A non – commissioned officer accompanied the caretaker to door number 1 of the biomedical area of ​​the UNSA, to perform the verification and verify that it was indeed the same exam.

& Nbsp; In the afternoon, after the test was completed, the candidates left the campus and the professor loaned one of the test bulletins, which showed that filtration.

Quispe was scandalized and shouted it out destroy the exam Several parents, who were waiting for their children to leave, joined their request by listening to the statements of the educator.

Fraud!Some parents screamed and others defended their children, pointing to the fact that they had studied for months and others had come from other provinces to do the test.

Quispe went to the police station of Santa Marta to formalize the complaint. Prosecutor Tania Gallegos, of the Third Provincial Criminal Court, has therefore requested her cellularon which the photo & # 39; s.

The teacher said in statements to the press that he did not know who had sent him the messages; however, after an evaluation it appeared that this number had different communications with the complainant.

The public prosecutor named the person who sent the messages. This indicated to the professor, since he worked in the academy where Quispe is currently working. Later, at 7:30 PM, the University Council of the UNSA and the Rector, Rohel Sánchez, formalized the cancellation of the investigationaccusing a sabotage. "The filtering took place in the biomedical exam, but for an integrity issue we decided to cancel the exam and plan it again for 9 September," Sánchez said.

New exam 9 September

The evaluation was given 14 100 students of the entire region. The rector, Rohel Sánchez, announced that the exam reprogrammed before 9 September.

Students who take the test again do not pay, and those who want the value to be refunded can do so claim the costs.

The university institution invested more than 400,000 soles for the development of the first phase of the 2019 ordinary exam.

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