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The police can now execute the court order ordering the imprisonment and transfer it to a congressman's prison Benicio Ríos (APP). This after the Congress He would approve of dismissal of the immunity of arrest that the legislator claimed.

The parliamentarian was sentenced to seven years in prison because in his municipal administration in Urubamba (between 2007 and 2013) it made an overvalued purchase of a ten-hectare site.

The verdict was issued in December 2017 and ratified in May of this year, a measure that led him to hide from the authorities before this week, when he returned to Congress, broke out, to hold a press conference and to claim that even I had immunity from arrest.

This situation changed yesterday, after Congress had received the letter from the Judicial Branch (PJ) with the request to delete this right. To put the issue to the vote in plenary, the result was unanimous. The 83 congressmen who were in the Chamber at that time voted in favor of their colleagues before their immunity.

Immediately the decision was forwarded to the chairman of the PJ, Víctor Prado, so that in this case the corresponding actions are taken; that is, to inform the police of their location and record.

Rios did not appear in the Congress of the Republic yesterday and he did not ask for a permit either.

Despite the approval of the waiver of immunity, the president of the PJ was dissatisfied with the way this process was carried out.

"With regard to this congressman, a very unusual situation arose, a problem of interpretation of the law, the parliamentary immunity of processes, as the name implies, involves a whole process." The arrest is a possibility in a process, "he said. press.

For this reason, said that the full chamber of the Supreme Court will decide "on the criminal treatment of politically prominent persons." "Here is a reading of a Constitutional Court ruling that, in my opinion, is not the best," he said. Meadow.

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